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Family wealth

It is sometimes easier to build wealth than it is to keep it. Important considerations need to be made with regards to intergenerational wealth transfer.

We understand the needs and challenges in protecting and building the wealth of families, some of whom have accumulated hard earned assets over generations.

To enable a “sleep at night” position for the wealth generator or owner of the assets requires important considerations to be worked through.

In addition to working direct with families, we also act as the central contact, working with the family’s existing professional advisers (or where these don’t exist introducing specialist advisers) to deliver a cohesive plan that achieves the required result. Some of the primary services we can provide include:

  • Investment advice and management
  • Charitable management
  • Full cash & liquid funds management
  • Full investment mail house facilities
  • Taxation guidance
  • Multi-generational planning
  • Portfolio tax reporting
  • Banking services
  • Insurance advice and reviews

We understand that the current generation is the benefactor for future generations.

Strategic Financial Advice

A considered, smart and completely integrated approach to your financial affairs including wealth protection, insurance, SMSFs and estate planning.

Portfolio Management

Shares, securities, managed funds, property, term deposits.
We’ll make sense of it all for you and we’ll help you work out what’s right for you.

Portfolio Administration

Take control of your portfolio.
We’ll show you how to streamline the reporting, administration and banking aspects of your investments.