Navigating financial change for Western Australians since 2002

Investment Committee

There is a formal committee that meets regularly to consider the crucial investment segment of our service to clients.

Our research and advisory partner is leading independent asset consultant, Frontier Advisors.

We also utilise the services of BCA Research for daily insights and global asset allocation.

Entrust has a structured approach to developing tailored investment portfolios.

We have a centralised Investment Committee whose role is to review and specify long term and medium term asset allocation strategy, monitor portfolio’s for composition and performance and consider investment managers and investments that are available to our clients.

The process is based on the belief that the primary method to achieve client investment objectives over the long term is by the diversification of the investment portfolio into suitable asset classes. 

The Committee is chaired by Mr Phil Rees and is open to all Advisers

Phil has worked in a range of roles focussed on Australian investment markets since 1985.  He was the Director of Investments with the Government Employees Superannuation Board in Western Australia for a 6 year period to September 2000.  During this period, he oversaw a major restructuring of that entity’s investment portfolio and directly managed funds in Australian equity and fixed interest markets.

Prior to this, Phil was involved in the management of an Australian equity portfolio with Suncorp and in the analysis of equities for a stockbroker focussed on servicing the Australian institutional market. He has also been involved as Chief Investment Officer of a listed pooled development fund and has managed a number of successful venture capital investments.

Phil has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.  He is also a Senior Fellow of  FINSIA, a Certified Practicing Accountant and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Secretaries.

Frontier Advisors

We have engaged the services of leading independent asset consultant, Frontier Advisors. Frontier was founded in 1994. Frontier primarily provides advice to industry super funds and large institutions.

Frontier provides services to the Investment Committee in the form of capital markets research and insights, and proprietary tools for portfolio analytics. We believe this support allows us to provide our clients with a true market leading service.

BCA Research

BCA Research is the leading independent provider of global investment research. Since 1949, BCA Research’s mission has been to shape the level of conviction with which our clients make investment decisions, through the delivery of leading-edge analysis and forecasts of all the major asset classes and economies. The firm maintains a head office in Montreal, with local offices in London, New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Sydney, Cape Town and São Paulo. Entrust receives BCA Research’s daily insights, providing updates on BCA Research’s newest ideas and quick response to important daily market and economic developments. We also access BCA Research’s Global Asset Allocation comprising BCA Research’s portfolio construction service, advising CIOs and asset allocation teams on the optimum way to structure a global multi-asset portfolio.