On the Radio: Phil talks about Telstra’s recent decision to cut almost 10% of its workforce.
On the Radio: Phil talks about the gold price.
On the Radio: Phil talks about the Uranium price and some stocks to keep an eye on.
On the Radio: Phil addresses a question from a caller about the relative outperformance of CBA versus the market index.
Aspermont Discussions: What on Earth just happened in Silicon Valley?
ABC Radio: Mornings with Nadia Mitsopoulos – Phil on Charlie Munger Advice on ABC Perth
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On behalf of the Euroz Charitable Foundation, today it was our great pleasure to support Ranger Drilling who have partnered with Breast Cancer Care WA and are painting ‘Rig 5’ Pink to raise money to support WA families affected by breast cancer. What a great cause, Rig 5 is looking awesome. Our donation pushes Ranger through their target of $30,000, get on board via this link… next stop $50,000 !!

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ABC Radio: Mornings with Nadia Mitsopoulos – Money Matters: Phil George explains

Phil George

Private Wealth Adviser

Phone: +61 8 94763935

Phil emphasises the importance of a team-based philosophy in combining Portfolio Management, Financial Planning and Portfolio Administration to create a comprehensive, bespoke financial solution for each client. The aim of this unique operating model is to deliver true value by allowing clients the time to focus on the important aspects of their lives, comfortable in the knowledge that their financial affairs are being professionally managed.

Beginning his career in Melbourne trading stocks on London and US markets, Phil returned to Perth with his young family in 2004 and spent the next ten years with Macquarie Bank before joining Entrust in 2014. Phil’s knowledge and respected position within the investment community is reinforced by his regular guest appearance for various news outlets and weekly commentary on ABC radio.

Primarily a Private Portfolio Manager, Phil covers a full range of investment options, including Australian and international listed shares, bonds and high-yielding income investments. Phil’s knowledge and experience is complemented by his support team’s extensive background and skills in financial and strategic planning. Phil works with a wide range of individual clients whose primary goal is to have a focus on protecting and accumulating wealth, are typically time poor and prefer not to manage the day to day operations of their personal wealth.

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